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Awfar Subscription Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

For Awfar Subscription



Awfar Subscription is one of the services provided by the Saudi Postal and Logistics Services Company (hereinafter referred to as “SPL”), and it is implemented and applied in accordance with the provisions and regulations of SPL.

Definitions and explanations:

1) SPL: Is an acronym for Saudi Post Logistics.

2) Shipment or parcel: means all documents or parcels that are transported under one bill of lading and that can be transported by any means chosen by any means, including: air, land or any other means of transport.

3) Bill of Lading: any card produced by SPL Automated Systems, or any air waybill, or any rail waybill, with which these Terms and Conditions are fully incorporated. Each shipment is carried under the limited liability set forth herein.

4) Customer: means the subscriber in the service.

5) Parcel station: It is an electronic device that contains boxes of various sizes in which items and postal parcels are deposited for customers so that they can receive their parcels and postal items automatically at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6) The National Address: A standard address developed by the Saudi Post Corporation to keep pace with the strategic plan towards the transition to e-government transactions. The national address was created according to studied standard and technical specifications, and it covers all regions of the Kingdom.

7) Alami: A global service that provides a dedicated address for each customer in more than one country, with his national address, in order for global shipments to be delivered to this address.

8) Economic parcels: It is an economic shipping service characterized by competitive prices, delivery to the nearest post office from the place of residence of the sender, and accurate shipment tracking details.


Terms and Conditions:

1) The Customs and Duties fees shall not be borne by SPL. Customs and Duties fees will be calculated according to the system of the General Authority of Customs.

2) The imposed taxes in all their forms (fees, financial consideration or value added, whether inside or outside the Kingdom) shall not be borne by SPL.

3) SPL does not bear any delay caused by requesting permissions or special permissions due to the contents of the customer’s parcel, and the customer is obligated to provide permissions and permits if they are requested from any party.

4) SPL has the right to stop the service, modify it, change the fees, or the method of payment at any time during the service provision.

5) SPL has the right to stop the service for any customer proven to have violated these terms and conditions.

6) The customer authorizes SPL to transport and ship his goods as soon as he uses the service.

7) SPL or one of its agents shall notify the customer of the arrival of the shipment or parcel by text messages on the number registered when shipping, or via the customer’s email.

8) The storage period for all shipments at parcel stations does not exceed (three working days) after which they are returned to the branch, and if the customer wishes to deliver them to his national address or return them to the parcel station, this is done with additional fees.

9) All shipments will automatically arrive at the national address if the customer does not request it to be directed to a parcel station.

10) SPL is not responsible for any goods that are confiscated by any regulatory authority.

11) SPL is not responsible for the poor packaging of the goods from the sender, which may cause damage to the contents of the package.

12) The customer is obligated not to purchase any prohibited materials legitimately and lawfully, knowing that the full responsibility will be held on the customer without any responsibility on SPL.

13) The customer must verify that the parcel received is undamaged upon receiving it from the parcel station or the postal distributor, and in the event of damage, it shall be proven through a special report of the postal distributor or the employee and signed by the employee and the client, and given to a SPL employee, bearing in mind that the customer has no right to claim damage - if the parcel is damaged - after issuing the final receipt and leaving the office or leaving the distributor.

14) SPL has the right to assign the operations of any of its obligations and services to any of its partners or delegates.

15) SPL is obligated to deliver shipments to one of the options chosen by the customer (parcel station / national address) and the order cannot be modified after completing the process.

16) The first two shipments of “Alami” will be free (with a maximum of 3 kg per shipment and limited to a max of 185 SAR), and SPL is not responsible for customs duties, admin fees, fees for hazardous materials or value added tax, and the terms and conditions of “Alami” apply.

17) SPL does not bear the responsibility of handing over any item to someone other than its owner as a result of an error in the postal box number or postal code shown on the postal code.

18) This service is subject to the monthly fair use policy.

19) The first two shipments sent by the customer for economic parcels inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are free of charge, and the terms and conditions of “economic shipments” apply.

20) The customer is not entitled to refund the money paid even after canceling the subscription