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Saudi Post was established in 1926 to provide postal services to all of the Kingdom's regions, which makes it one of the earliest national establishments that witnessed the development of the kingdom.


On April 29, 2021, Saudi Post celebrated its journey with the launch of the new identity “SPL”, which is in line with the corporate's transformation strategy and Saudi Vision 2030 and with one of the kingdom's strengths, which is being a link center to the world's continents via its branches all over the kingdom. The acquisition of Naqel Express by Saudi Post | SPL demonstrates SPL's commitment to upholding its strategic values, such as moving fast and steady in providing a great experience and developing products and additional services that elevate the quality of the experience provided to the customer. This acquisition will promote investment opportunities in the logistics sector, which is considered a vital sector for regional and international businesses, by providing postal and logistics services, enhancing work culture, and promoting creativity and innovation concepts.


Saudi Post | SPL works on providing a modern and innovative package of postal and logistics services, enabling e-government programs and e-commerce apps through partnerships with the private and public sectors, developing e-government processes, and facilitating e-commerce practices as part of its vision to become the pioneering national operator of postal and logistics services and the advanced logistics arm that achieves added value for partners following best international standards in the logistics domain, which also contribute to linking the kingdom to the world.


Be The National Champion in postal and logistics solutions providing added value to our customers and linking KSA to the world


Be the modern logistics arm of KSA commerce and government digitalization providing top quality service to our customers, supported by our highly engaged and driven organization

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