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Prohibited Items

Toxic & Infectious Materials

​Pesticides, agricultural chemicals, mercury compounds, bacteria, viruses​

Flammable Liquids

​Lighters burning gasoline, fuel lighters, oil paint, glue, perfume flammable​​​​

Liquid Incendiary Material

​Liquid incendiary material, Almellh batteries, mercury, hydrochloric acid​​

Flammable & Radioactive

​​​Flammable and radioactive materials, matches, coal, firewood, all types of radioactive materials banned internationally.​​​

Compressed gases

​Compressed gases, gas cylinders, cylinder mobilization, lighters (lighter) butane, bottles diving, camping gas, butane gas, sprinklers.​​​


​Fireworks, firecrackers, ammunition, gunpowder, lighting missiles, missile warning​

Oxidizing materials

​Oxidizing chemicals, peroxides, powders for bleaching.​

Other Substances

Liquid products, ​Children's milk, monuments and artifacts, historical, human medicine manufacturers and national non-registered or re-exported (subsidized goods)​​​

Different dangerous materials

​​Magnetic goods, engines, solid carbon dioxide, lithium batteries.​​​


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