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Saudi Post Privacy Policy:

. Introduction

The Saudi Post Corporation publishes this policy. Your use of (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps) means your consent and acceptance of the conditions and terms set out in the Privacy Policy.

  1. Policy Officer (Owner)

The General Directorate of Regulations and Legal Affairs in the legal, international, and regulatory sector is the policy owner.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights
  • The contents of the site may only be used under the terms specified in this policy. The breach of these terms is a violation of our intellectual property rights or the providers of such content. The Saudi Post Corporation or other providers may take legal action they see fit to protect these rights.
  • Contents and documents published on the website may be displayed and printed for the purposes of providing information and for personal and research purposes, and in all cases must not be for commercial purposes. Information and other publications may be used in the press publication provided that the information's source mentioned.
  • All materials on this site, including images, software, databases, texts, drawings, marks, public appearance, and other content, are protected by the intellectual property rights of Saudi Post and copyrights produced by Saudi laws and international treaties.
  1. Personal Information Collection

Saudi Post does not collect personal information about you when you visit the site unless you specifically choose to submit this information to us. If you choose to submit information to us, we only use it to complete your request for obtaining information or services.

The Saudi Post website and its employees have a comprehensive and strict information security policy. Only authorized employees are permitted to access identifiable personal information. They also committed to maintaining the confidentiality of such information under Saudi Arabia regulations.

For the Saudi Post to provide its services appropriately, we may collect some personal information such as:

  • Information submitted to us when registering with our services (e.g., name, email address, address, telephone number, date of birth, nationality, and sex).
  • The information we obtain from your use of our services (e.g., hardware type, operating system, and details on the date, time, and place of use of the service).
  • Information exchanged when contacting the customer service center.
  1. Use of personal information

This information will be used by Saudi Post for the following purposes:

  • Improve service quality.
  • Provide products and services to customers.
  • Billing and collecting fees on products and services.
  • Legal and regulatory requirements (e.g., requests from official and judicial authorities).
  • Help the customer choose products and services.
  • Providing information to Saudi Post customers about new developments and products.
  1. Use of Saudi Post Corporation Website or its Applications
  • (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps) is available for your personal use, and your access and use is subject to these terms and conditions of use and Saudi Arabia's regulations. Your access and entry are considered unconditional approval of the terms and conditions of use, whether you are a registered user or not. This approval applies since the date of your first use of the Saudi Post Corporation website.
  • The mission of this site is to increase communication with the public and provide various information and services that help enrich how to handle the organization and its services.
  1. Usage Restrictions

(website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps), you acknowledge to refrain from:

  • Provide or download files containing software, materials, data, or other information you do not own or do not have a license for.
  • Provide or upload files to the organization's website that contain viruses or corrupted data.
  • Publish, advertise, distribute or circulate material or information that contains defamation, violation of laws, pornographic or obscene material, contrary to Islamic teachings, public morals, or any illegal material or information through the Saudi Post Corporation website.
  • Subscribe through the Saudi Post Corporation website to illegal activities in Saudi Arabia.
  • Use any means, program, or procedure to intercept or attempt to intercept the conventional way to the Saudi Post Corporation website's operation.
  • Any action that imposes an unreasonable, significant, or unsuitable burden on the Saudi Post website's infrastructure.
  1. Antivirus

We make every effort to check and test the corporation website's contents at all stages of production. We advise you always to run an antivirus program on all materials downloaded via the internet. We are not held responsible for any loss, interruption, or damage to your data, computer, or any device used for browsing. This may occur while connecting to (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps) or using any material on the site or the apps.

  1. Other Websites Online links
  • (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps) may be provided with links to other websites owned, published, and managed by third parties. You should be aware that these sites linked to the website are not under our control. Saudi Post does not have any liability for the contents of these sites. The existence of links leading to our site from other sites does not result in any legal obligation between Saudi Post and any other party. Saudi Post does not bear any obligation or liability for any third party's contents or services.
  • (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps) may have web links to sites or portals that may use methods to protect information and its privacy different from our methods. We are not responsible for the contents and privacy methods of other sites, and we advise you to refer to the privacy notifications of those sites.
  1. Responsibility Limits

The electronic services provided by Saudi Post Corporation via the internet and information gathering about government departments and agencies are provided only to facilitate manual procedures. Thus you fully acknowledge that communications over the internet may be subject to third parties' interference or objection. The portal does not replace the information available via the official authorities, and that requests and administrative procedures can be taken directly before the specialized authorities. Therefore, resorting to the corporation's website or its applications remains at your own risk. We are in no way liable for any loss or damage of any kind that may occur as a result of your use or visit to the corporation's website or its applications. Or your reliance on any statement, opinion, or ads on the corporation's website or its applications, or any disruption to the operation, communication and equipment failures, software, or someone's behavior and ideas which enter the corporation. Hereby, you acknowledge and agree that your only mean of treating any damage or loss that may occur due to your access or use of the corporation's website is to refrain from using it, accessing it, or not continuing to do so.

  1. Security

your personal data are secured using appropriate security technologies for electronic storage and sent personal data. We are also committed to taking the necessary steps to protect your personal data submitted to us by you. We use technological and security solutions to protect the privacy of your personal data. We use all methods and resources to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure. However, a website cannot be completely secure, and we are not responsible for unauthorized or unintentional access beyond our control. Saudi Post is not legally liable for any damage to you or any other party due to the violation of confidentiality regarding the information you have transferred to the corporation's website or compensation for the damage.

  1. Non-disclosure of information

At all times, Saudi Post will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data it obtains. This information will only be disclosed if required or permitted by any government party authorized under the applicable regulations to access such information. Or upon the written consent of the customer. Or if needed to protect (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps) and its users. Or to protect the property rights of Saudi Post Corporation or where such action is necessary to provide services or products, or to provide technical support to customers. We will not sell, trade, or disclose any information to the benefit of any third party outside Saudi Post Corporation or the departments or affiliates of the corporation unless we have your consent or it is compiled for statistics and research purposes. Without disclosing information that can be used to identify you, except to the relevant authorities, when necessary to comply with any regulation or government request.

  1. Disclaimer
  • The customer is solely responsible for his use of (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps), including all content and functions available on it or accessed through it as it is and "as available." Saudi Post is not responsible for providing any data or warranties of any kind whatsoever, particularly with regard to the accuracy of content or validity for a particular purpose, or not to violate the content that is published or available through the site, or guarantee no viruses on the server that host this website or other components that may spread infection and damage or destruction to computer equipment or other properties when accessing, browsing, downloading software, despite the efforts to ensure that this does not happen at all.
  • Under no circumstances shall Saudi Post assume the slightest liability for direct or indirect damages concerning the use or inability to use websites, error in the use of the site's contents and functions.
  • Saudi Post Corporation, as "owner of(website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps) at any time and without warning or prior notice, may temporarily or permanently suspend any of its electronic services. Such a suspension does not result in any personal liability or penalties resulting from concluded contracts. Nor does Saudi Post bear any damage to the user due to its website's interruption for any length of time, whatever the reason, such as periodic maintenance or data update.
  • Any service prices listed on this site or app can be changed at any time without informing the users.
  • Saudi Post Corporation has developed its (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps) to enable people of normal status, legal status, individuals' institutions, public parties, or others. To register their residence with the national address service. registration at the national address through this portal entails all legal effects as stated in paragraphs (1) and (3) of the Council of Ministers' Decision No. 252 - 24/7/1434H.
  • By agreeing to these terms, the client acknowledges that he is responsible for the validity of all personal information, contact information, and address information he/she chose and promises to update his/her data in the event of any change within 60 days of the change, in accordance with paragraph (3) of Council of Ministers' Decision No. 252 - 24/7/1434H.
  • The client shall bear all legal obligations if the service is misused.
  • Data validity is the responsibility of the customer.
  • The customer's use of the services is permission for Saudi Post to complete the special procedures.
  • The customer is obliged to pay all charges and service fees as soon as they choose the service with no refund after payment.
  • The request for the delivery of government documents by mail cannot be canceled. However, the application is automatically canceled if the fees are not paid within 14 days of the application's date.
  • Saudi Post is not responsible for any delays for reasons related to flights or freight lines, or any unforeseen circumstances that make the implementation of the obligation too exhausting, or a delay due to official instructions.
  • Saudi Post is not responsible for the delay in shipping in the seasons, such as the calendar year's end. or exceptional circumstances such as wars, natural disasters, and flight delays due to weather conditions.
  • Saudi Post is responsible for documents/letters/parcels from the date they are received from the customer.
  • Saudi Post has the right to adjust the service fees and the approved payment method for fees as it sees fit.
  • If there is a delay resulting from third parties' actions or other regulatory reasons, Saudi Post does not bear this delay. It is the customer's responsibility to follow up on these actions if required.
  • The compensation mechanism is subject to the Saudi Post approved regulations and the Ministry's acknowledged procedures.
  • If the customer objects to the delivery procedure, it must be reported within 12 hours.
  • Saudi Post is not responsible for the loss, delay, or damage of documents/letters/parcels if there is a lack of data and information about the customer, and the customer did not inquire about the document within fifteen days of the notification date of the arrival of documents/letters/parcels from the source, provided that the inquiry is through the official channels of Saudi Post.
  • Saudi Post's responsibility ends with the customer receiving documents/letters/parcels without any reservations or objections.
  • Saudi Post shall not tolerate loss, damage, or delay arising from force majeure, except within each service's specific terms and conditions.
  • Saudi Post will not be liable for any loss, damage, expenses, or costs of any kind incurred by the customer due to any breach or ignorance of each service's special terms and conditions.
  • Saudi Post does not bear customs duties, and customs duties are calculated according to the customs authority's regulations and issued instructions.
  • Saudi Post not responsible for any taxes in all its forms (fees, charges, or added value, inside or outside the Kingdom).
  • Saudi Post is not responsible for any delay caused by requesting special clearances or permissions due to the contents of the customer's parcel. The customer is obliged to provide licenses and authorizations if they are requested from any party.
  • Saudi Post has the right to suspend or modify any service or change the shipping fee or payment method at any time without the customer's consent.
  • Saudi Post has the right to suspend the service for any customer found to violate the terms and conditions.
  • The storage duration for all goods is 30 days from the arrival date to the address or the customer's city. Then the discarded goods are disposed of without the customer's consent or notification. storage duration for EMS mail is 10 days.
  • Saudi Post is not responsible for any goods confiscated by any regulator.
  • Saudi Post is not responsible for poorly packaged goods from the source, which may damage the package's contents.
  • The customer can purchase any additional service such as insurance and additional packaging.
  • The customer is not compensated for the entire amount of his goods unless the customer purchases insurance when executing the shipping order.
  • The client is obliged not to buy any illegal materials by law and legally knowing that the client has full responsibility without the slightest responsibility on the Saudi Post Corporation.
  • The customer must verify the package's safety upon receiving it from the postal office or postal distributor. And in case of damage, it can be proved by filling the postal distributor's special record and is signed by the employee and the customer, and the package is returned to Saudi Post. Note that the customer is not entitled to claim after fully receiving and leaving the office or the distributor.
  • Saudi Post has the right to assign any of its obligations to its partners or its commissioners.
  • The customer is considered .to agree to the actual weight of the package and dimensions tacitly.
  • The customer is considered to agree to the contents of the package tacitly.
  • The customer is considered to agree with the value of the content tacitly.
  • The sender is responsible for the contents of the shipment.
  1. Compensation

Hereby, you acknowledge not take any action against Saudi Post corporation or any of its management and clear it of any liability, As well as any parties, employees, or agents responsible for the management, maintenance, update, or provision of the Saudi Post website. and also from all obligations and responsibilities that may arise in connection with any claim arising from any breach of terms and conditions of use or any applicable laws, whether in Saudi Arabia or where you reside.

  1. Quit use

At our sole discretion, we may terminate, restrict or suspend your right to access and use the Enterprise's website (and other applications and sites of the organization) without notice and for any reason, including violation of the terms and conditions of use or any other conduct that we may consider illegal or harmful to others, and in the event of termination, you will not be authorized to access the organization's website.

  1. Amendments to the information Privacy Policy
  • Saudi Post, as the administrator of(website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps). Any time and without prior warning, may block or stop the publication of any material in the content, without giving any justification or reasons, and as it deems appropriate. It is also entitled to delete, redraft, shorten or modify the published material by increasing or decreasing, without altering the content or meaning. Such a prohibition, suspension, change, or amendment does not entail any liability.
  • Saudi Post has the right to cancel these terms and terminate your use of the site. It may also amend or change the terms of this agreement at any time and without prior notice. We recommend that you visit the site occasionally to learn about any possible future changes or developments about this agreement.
  1. Logical orientation:

When you use (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps), it means that you agree that the limits of liability provided for the removal of this site responsibility are reasonable and very logical. If you disagree, you must refrain from using (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps).

  1. Transition stages:

If Saudi Post Corporation is undergoing a transition phase, such as its specialization, merging or acquisition by another legal person, or selling part of its assets. Then users' personal information will, in most cases, be part of the assets transferred. You agree that these transfers may be executed, and this is permitted under this policy. Any party that acquires the organization's assets may continue to process your personal information as provided in this Privacy Policy.

  1. Judicial Reference

With this, you agree to submit exclusively to the judicial authorities of Saudi Arabia concerning all claims and disputes arising from your use of the corporation's website. Knowing that The Arabic language will be the official language used to resolve any disputes arising from your use of the corporation's website - and other applications and websites of the corporation - or any of its contents.

  1. Make any inquiries or observations

The data provided by you will be used to respond to all your inquiries, feedback, or requests by Saudi Post Corporation or any of its departments or affiliates. All data provided by you will be treated as confidential. Models that are submitted directly on the network require data to be provided that will help us improve customer care quality. You can review and update your information in our customer database, which appears on (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps). We always recommend that customers update their personal information immediately when required.

Any questions or comments about The Saudi Post's privacy terms should be addressed to us by:


Saudi Post Corporation

General Administration of Regulations and Legal Affairs - Privacy Policy

Tel: 0112898599

National Address: 8228 King Abdulaziz Road - Al Amal District

Riyadh 12643-2121

Saudi Arabia

  1. The Finale

The confidentiality and privacy of the data are of the utmost importance to The Saudi Post Corporation. So we hope that this will be achieved through this policy. Using the (website/website for mobile devices/ "Saudi Post" app and the corporation other apps) is considered an approval of the Saudi Post Corporation's privacy policy.



Privacy Policy for Customer Data Usage:

  1. Purpose

Protect customers' personal data privacy and appropriately use this data, including all data types (paper, electronic, video, and audio).

  1. Field of Work

This policy applies to all users of the client's personal data such as post staff, employment office staff, sales agents, business partners, contracting staff, and job units regardless of the employee's geographical location.

This policy applies to all processes performed on customers' personal data, such as collection, transfer, storage, sharing, destruction, analysis, pattern extraction, conclusion, and linking them with other data by Saudi Post Corporation. It includes all means of data collection and storage, e.g. (paper, electronic, audio, video) both manually and electronically.

  1. Policy Officer (The Owner)

The General Directorate of Regulations and Legal Affairs in the legal, international, and regulatory sector is the policy owner.

  1. Responsibilities

The General Directorate of Regulations and Legal Affairs is responsible for developing and updating this policy and coordinating with all sectors related to the customer's personal data to implement this policy.

All sectors related to the customer's personal data are responsible for:

  • Enable customers to read this policy before collecting or processing their personal data.
  • Compliance in the implementation of this policy and associated procedures.
  • Supervision and control of its employees, business partners, suppliers, contractors and consultants who have access to the customers' personal data to ensure that they comply with all privacy policies required by the corporation, which is provided in the contracts that the corporation concludes with others to comply with the terms of this policy.
  1. Policy Statement

Due to the importance of collecting customers' personal data to use for the following purposes:

- Issuing invoices and collecting fees for products and services that are subscribed to or purchased by the corporation's customers.

- Legal and regulatory requirements.

- Help the customer choose products and services.

- Provide data to the corporation's customers about new developments and products.

- Improve service quality.

- Government and judicial parties Requests.

This policy shows the collection, use, disclosure, protection of the customers' personal information, in addition to customers' choices, and updating their personal information.

  1. Data Privacy Principles

6.1 Clarity

  • Personal data is safely kept in the custody of Saudi Post Corporation inside the Kingdom using all appropriate technical and regulatory measures to ensure that it is not lost or misused.
  • If Saudi Post Corporation wants to process personal data outside the Kingdom, the corporation must obtain the regulators' written approval.
  • The Corporation takes all possible measures to ensure the confidentiality of customers' data and ensure no tampering or misuse, excluding cases stated by the law.
  • Customers' calls are recorded with customer service staff and call centers to improve service quality, although customers must be informed.
  • Customers must be informed that their collected personal data is safe and confidential.
  • Saudi Post should notify regulators immediately in case of any leakage of customers' personal data through the stated mechanisms and procedures.

6.2 Precision

  • The organization takes all measures and thoroughly examines the documents submitted by customers to ensure that the data collected is correct and complete.
  • Customers must be enabled to update their data.

6.3 Customer Approval

  • The customer's approval must be obtained for the terms and conditions document for all corporation's services. These terms and conditions must include clarification on how the institution collects and uses the customer's personal information. The customer should sign or approve to these terms and conditions.

6.4 Data Collection

  • Only authorized employees, according to tasks and responsibilities, can collect and process customers' data.
  • These employees must collect and process personal data only necessary to perform work tasks.
  • The corporation must grant customers access to their personal data at any time and correct it when there is incorrect or inaccurate data through the corporation's various channels. The corporation must also enable customers to obtain a copy of their personal data electronically as approved by the Kingdom's regulators.
  • The corporation does not allow business partners to send emails or SMS messages to their customers without their consent, and such consent may be reversed at any time.
  • The customer's personal information is obtained and processed directly or indirectly upon his\her consent and may be reversed at any time, except what is obligated by the relevant regulations and instructions.

6.5 Access to Information

  • Access to customer's information is permitted only for authorized employees to perform their duties as specified in the roles and responsibilities and as they need them.
  • All employees authorized to access customers' data must read all privacy policies and procedures and all corporation's policies and comply fully with their stated obligations.
  • Access to customers' data must be granted through official, documented, and approved procedures, and powers are granted after all these procedures have been performed.
  • When in need to grant access to customers' information to business partners, contractors, suppliers, consultants in order to implement the services and projects of the corporation. It must be done based on their work's tasks and responsibilities under the agreement with Saudi Post Corporation, through the provision in the corporation's contracts with others to abide by this policy's conditions.
  • Business partners contractors, suppliers, consultants, and departments that have signed contracts for operation, consulting, or supply are responsible for monitoring and auditing these companies and ensuring that they comply with all the privacy policies required by Saudi Post.

6.6 The Amendment

Authorized employees must update customers' personal information if they know that such information is inaccurate or incomplete.

6.7 Use and Disclosure of Data

  • Employees authorized to access customers' personal information must be obliged to applying the principle of confidentiality. Any violation committed by them will lead to the necessary disciplinary and legal action, including dismissal and criminal prosecution.
  • Employees must not disclose any information to any other party without the client's written consent unless such disclosure is required or permitted by any authorized government party under regulations that allow such action.
  • With the necessary conditions and approvals, employees must only disclose the required customer's personal information to provide the service.

6.8 Data Retention and Disposal

  • All employees who use customers' information are fully responsible for optimally using it in business matters and data handling and ensure complete confidentiality to the stored data.
  • It is required to identify secure ways to dispose of documents containing customers' personal information.
  • Customers' personal data should not be retained in a way that allows data owners to be identified for more than the time needed to achieve data collection and processing purposes.
  • If an external contractor is given the task of disposing of documents or data, the necessary controls must be followed, and the audit process is conducted to ensure that the data disposal procedures are carried out per the requirements of the Saudi Post Corporation based on the instructions of the Kingdom's regulators.

6.9 Implementation and Control

  • The General Directorate of Regulations and Legal Affairs must coordinate with the relevant departments to follow up on the implementation of privacy policies and resolve any dispute that may result.
  • Personal data and sensitivity are assessed and categorized according to the departments' privacy classification document that owns the information. Then the controls are applied based on policies and procedures designed to protect such data.
  • The departments concerned with the corporation benefiting from operation contracts, consulting or supplying with business partners, contractors, suppliers, and consultants are responsible for monitoring and checking them and ensuring that they comply with all policies requested by Saudi Post.
  • The General Directorate of Regulations and Legal Affairs is required to educate employees on implementing this policy.
  1. Privacy Policy of VIP Customers
  • Personal data of the royal family's members and government sectors are rated as highly sensitive information.
  • The authority to handle highly sensitive information should be granted only to highly experienced and qualified staff.
  1. Children's Information Privacy Policy
  • No employee will collect any personal information about the children.
  • In case information on children is needed, staff must collect children's data only through parents or people responsible for them.
  1. Finale

The confidentiality and privacy of the data are of the utmost importance to The Saudi Post Corporation. Therefore, we hope that all employees and those subject to the data will abide by this special policy.