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Awfar is the ideal service for customers who prefer the convenience of home delivery of their shipments to your preferred address.


Why this service may fit your need ?

For customers who prefer the convenience of home delivery of their letter, parcel and document. Subscribing to this service, you don’t need to pay for the other delivery services that we offer, from personal to government document shipments. If you also have a P.O. Box subscription, your P.O Box items will also be forwarded to your house.
In addition to this convenient way of receiving your shipment and mail, subscribing to this service makes you a VIP client and also enables you to take advantage of a wide range of discounts with many of our SPL partners.


Benefits of the subscription :

  • Shipments: Receive any internal or external shipment at your national address.
    (Save more than SAR 300 for an average of 10 shipments annually*)
  • P.O Box: Annual subscription of P.O Box and free deliver from P.O Box content to your address (Save more than SAR 490 for the annual subscription and delivery fee of P.O Box content*)
  • Government Documents: Exemption from government document delivery fees
    (Save more than SAR 60 of delivery for an average of two documents per year*)
  • Free of Charge: Two free of charge Alami shipments where each shipment is capped with 3 KG. Exemption from sending two local economy shipments fees.

(Save more than SAR 542 for Alami and domestic shipments*)
*Total Saving is more than SAR 1,000

Subscription fee :

Subscription fee is 395 SR per year.

As part of our new Saudi Post identity launch (SPL) we offer you 50% discount on our new service (Awfar).This offer valid until 31\5\2021.

How to subscribe :

You can subscribe to Awfar using the SPL app or through SPLonline (