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Ratification with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Become easier with SPL


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Service

Eliminate the need to visit onsite and save time and effort with SPL when undergoing ratification procedures with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Complete the following steps to take part in this service:

  1. Apply: Visit The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to fill out the service form and pay the fees for the request Click Here
  2. Print form: Once the payment has been completed, print the request form from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
  3. SPL Branch: Visit the nearest SPL branch to deliver your documents and pay the service fees Click Here
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: SPL is responsible in delivering the documents to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ratification the documents
  5. SPL Branch: Once ratification the documents is done, customer can pick it up from SPL branch

Service features:

  1. Practical and convenient
  2. Receipt and delivery documents provided through the SPL branch
  3. Tracking document arrival through the SPL website or application
  4. Assurance that all documents safely reach the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.