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Administration fee

Administrative fees on international incoming shipments


What are administrative fees and how are they calculated?

All international shipments are subject to import procedures in accordance with zakat, income and customs law, and are responsible for processing and transporting shipments (means) on behalf of the customer

 Administrative fees are amounts collected in exchange for administrative costs and expenses performed by SPL – (Saudi Post) and charged on invoiced shipments (VAT) on behalf of customers of international shipments from members of Universal Postal Union (UPU).

Administrative fees are added on all international shipments received through the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and it will be added to VAT invoice issued by Saudi Post|SPL.  Shipments for which an independent customs statement is issued will be exluded from administrative fees.


The value of administrative fees is calculated according to the table below:


VAT calculated based on shipment value

Value of administrative fees


Tax value on administrative fees


From 0.01 SAR to 50 SAR

4.25 SAR

0.75 SAR


More than 50 to 75 SAR

5.22 SAR

0.78 SAR


More than 75

6.96 SAR

1.04 SAR