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Naqel currently runs the largest transportation and warehouse management network in the region. This network is supportive of the business sector and all logistical transportation work, and contributes to an increase in the reliance of internal trade and industrial cities on reliable transportation links, thus increasing the country’s GDP. The corporation owns 100% of this company. Web site:


Ersal is a company specializing in money transfers, and is owned equally between the Saudi Post Corporation and Al-Inma Bank. It is licensed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency to provide money transfer services to any country in the world. These remittances are enabled through a large group of banks, as well as Western Union to provide international transfers to more than 200 countries. Ersal’s web site:


Lebara Mobile launched the first low-cost international communication service ever. Lebara has become one of the fastest growing mobile phone companies in Europe with a customer base of more than five million, and operations in 10 countries, including Saudi Arabia. The corporation owns 30% of the Etihad Jawra Telecom company (Lebara) web site.

Infinite PL

Infinite pl is revolutionizing the logistics industry as a joint venture based in KSA, launched in June 2022 by SPL and RAI Digital, the digital product and venture-building arm of the multinational professional services firm, RAI.
Its mission is to transform the global logistics landscape by delivering cutting-edge, digital solutions that enhance the experiences of governments, businesses, and consumers.
Leveraging the power of data and platforms, Infinite pl is unlocking infinite possibilities to innovate and disrupt the logistics industry and adjacent fields. With the support of an unparalleled network of industry leaders and visionary entrepreneurs, the company applies innovative strategies, cutting-edge design, and advanced data analysis to drive growth, transform businesses, and bring digital products and ventures to life.