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National Address

Your address is your location’s identity…

By giving your place a description that represents an official address in accordance with international standards.

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From traditional detailed address to:

Short Address

A short address that is easy to memorize, consists of 4 letters and 4 numbers that will make your life simpler

You can find your short address through

Maha (Virtual Assistant)

Register your National Address

Whether for individuals, corporate or government sectors located in a small town or a city, your address contains a set of data that we indicate them with geographical and locational symbols that represents your geographic footprint

National Address for Individuals

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National Address for Business

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Free of charge service

with exceptional features

Covers every area of Saudi Arabia with the accuracy of 1 square meters


Allows you to obtain 10 world wide addresses through Alami

Utilizing the address accelerates shipments delivery to you without the need of making further calls

Get your government documents, Commercial and personal shipments with ease and without the trouble of picking it up in person

National Address Components

  • Building #

    (4 distinctive numbers representing a building)

  • Street

    (Represents the location of the main entrance of the building)

  • Secondary #

    (4 numbers representing the accurate location coordinates; beneficial when there's no street or district names)

  • District

    (Represents the district where the building is located in)

  • Postal Code

    (5 numbers, each digit has a significant location; postal code network covers 100% of Saudi Arabia)

  • City

    (The city where National Address is located in)

National Address Services

Request National Address identification

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Add dependents and manage your address

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Install National Address plate

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National Address Proof Verification

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Beware of being held accountable

National Address is a precise addressing system that qualifies you to obtain a higher level of government and commercial services. Therefore, it is a responsibility toward every individual and entity to register for a National Address and oblige to provide accurate data to avoid being held accountable.