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With Alami, you can shop your favorite brands from any place in the world!

What is ALAMI?

Alami provides you with a dedicated US address linked to your KSA National Address so that your global purchases can be delivered to your home.

How To Subscribe :

Alami is Free - you get Alami for free when you register your National Address. You can view your Alami address in SPL Online and SPL App.
How do I use ALAMI ?
1. After you shop online, enter your Alami address as the shipping address for your purchases and complete your purchase.
2. The online store will send your purchased items to your dedicated US address. Please do not choose Cash-on-Delivery to avoid returning your shipments.
3. When your items arrive at the dedicated US address, we will check the items and prepare them for shipping to your national address in Saudi Arabia. You can choose the (automatic shipping) option directly after receiving the shipment or consolidating them for a maximum of 30 days for free through the shipping preferences in the control panel.
4. You will be notified by SMS and on your e-mail that the shipments have arrived at your dedicate US address.
5. Submit a shipment request through the control panel. Shipping invoice will be issued according to the weight of the shipments.
6. Pay the amount required for the shipment based on its weight, using SADAD, mada or credit cards
7. You can track your shipments till it reaches your national address
Note: The value of the shipment that is paid during the purchase includes the delivery process from the online store to your Alami address, and does not cover the cost of shipping to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it must be taken into account not to choose the option (payment on receipt) when completing the purchase from electronic stores To avoid returning purchases to their source.

Service prices :

The first 0.5 Kg = 46 SR and each additional 0.5 Kg = 29 SR .
Dimensional weight applies to large shipments, for details click here

Delivery time :

From 7 to 14 Working Days.

Example for Alami Address :


 Country   Address  Address
 America  4295 Express Lane
Sarasota, FL 34249
Zip Code / Postal Code: 34249
PH: (941) 538-6941

Account Number*: SP XXXX-XXX
Street*: Express Lane
City*: Sarasota
Zip Code / Postal Code*: 34249
Country*: U.S.A
Telephone*: 6941-538-




Terms and Conditions :

To view the Terms and Conditions Click here

Definitions :

• SPL: Saudi Postal Services and Logistic Company.
• The customer: is the natural, legal or authorized person who uses ALAMI service.
• ALAMI Service: It is a distinctive service provided by SPL and concerned with the delivery of purchases from global markets to the customer’s home using one service account, with different address depending on the country from which the purchase is made.
• Parcel: Purchases, materials, or goods, whatever they are, which the customer has purchased from international markets.
• Source: One of the global markets from which the customer purchased.
• The national address: This is a standard address developed by SPL to use it in navigation systems available on the Internet, or in mobile phones and car devices. This is due to the compatibility of this address with Global Positioning System (GPS), as all regions of the Kingdom are numbered and coded and geographic maps are drawn. Details of all its cities and governorates showing the address of each building or residential, commercial or office complex, and the rights to use it have been provided to international companies.
• The Alternative address: It is the address associated with your account that is used by the subsidiary of the “ALAMI” service in the country from which it is sent
• Dispatches: printed materials such as letters or parcels that may be returned to your Alternative address in "ALAMI".

List of items prohibited from entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia :

• Any material contrary to the Islamic culture.
• Any materials that violate the customs or traditions of the state's system and policy.
• Political articles or any related content.
• Contraindications or illegal substances
• No unidentified materials, chemicals
• Perishable foodstuffs, including food and beverages, which require a special mechanism for transportation and storage.
• Live animals and insects.
• Dead animals or their parts (furs, skins, fangs, etc.)
• Lottery tickets, gambling machines and accessories.
• Pictures, porn movies, sex toys, and any item under the same item.
• Alcohol in general.
• Tobacco advertisements in general.
• Contents that may cause harm to individuals, devices or other packages.
• Funds (coins, cash, banknotes and negotiable instruments equivalent to cash such as stocks, bonds, cash letters and stamps)
• Rough diamond.
• Electronic cigarette and its accessories such as e-liquids and liquid nicotine and their accessories.
• human organs.
• Prescription medications, including those for dentistry and veterinary medicine.
• Prescribed medical devices.
• Medical devices not approved by the FDA.
• Medical waste used such as syringes or others.
• Hormones, human growth hormones, stem cell therapy, steroids or synthetic versions.
• The following materials have no name in English:
o Non-prescription medications.
o Food supplements.
o Beauty tools.
• Any food, supplements, drugs or cosmetics that have been warned to ensure consumer safety.
• Laboratory, biological, medical and laboratory specimens
• Infectious substances.
• Hazardous materials (chemicals, explosives, fuels, fertilizers, poisons).
• Gasoline, diesel or any other fuels.
• Insecticides, weed killers, and fungicides.
• Self balancing hover boards.
• Radioactive products or elements.
• Explosives, fireworks, gunpowder, flares or sulfur.
• Oxidizing agents.
• Fire extinguishers.
• Tear gas, pepper spray and spices.
• Flammable materials such as a gas firing pin or the like.
• Damaged batteries.
• Counterfeit products.
• Firearms and their parts or similar plastic dolls.
• Brazilian rosewood.
• Any dual-use or commercial material subject to the trade list as specified under the Export Administration Regulations where a license is required.

List of prohibited items that require an import permit or additional documents, as the unavailability of the required documents causes delay in the clearance of shipments at the port of entry by the customs authorities :

• Items requiring a license to import, export or transport.
• The materials, products or plants protected under the Global Convention (CITES) (requires import permission from the Public Authority for Wildlife).
• Government ID cards, military uniforms and badges, whether real or fake.
• Medicines, vitamins, nutritional supplements or medicinal herbs. (Requires prior import permission from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority)
• Veterinary drugs. (Requires an import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture)
• Any kind of military supplies (night vision goggles, handcuffs, lasers, optical ranges, etc. (requires import permit from the Ministry of Interior - Public Security)
• Communications devices, smart cards, chipsets or broadcasting devices. (Requires an import permit from the Communications and Information Technology Commission)
• Important note: If there is no specific item in the above list, you can visit for more clarification and information.
• Import of drugs and medicine that do not comply with the requirements and directives of the United States Food and Drug Authority (FDA)
• Any type of drugs and medicine that do not comply with the requirements and directives of the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) will be disposed of in a licensed facility, as it cannot be sent back to the store or to any alternative address in the United States of America.
• Important note: It is your responsibility to destroy similar goods - no compensation claim will be accepted.