Help and Support
Government Documents

SPL provides a service through Absher platform for delivering the government documents from the govenrment agencies to customer’s National Address.

  • General Directorate of Passport
  • Civil Affairs
  • General Department of Traffic


How to use the service  :

To request the delivery of government document, go to the portal Absher (click here) and follow the bellow steps.

  1. Register for a national address, within an hour, your address will be automatically.

  2. Sign in to absher and complete the necessary form for your desired services and select SPL delivery.

  3. You will receive a text message with the receipt and payment methods to complete your delivery.

  4. Document will be delivered to the national address.


List of documents that can be delivered through SPL :

  • Birth Certificate Issuance
  • Family Card
  • Family Card for mothers
  • Newborn Registration
  • Iqama Issue/Renew
  • Passport Issue/Renew
  • Vehicle Registration Renewal
  • Renew Driving License
  • Extend Exceptional Visit Visa for Yemenis


Delivery SLA :

From 2 to 4 days.