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Alami Terms and Conditions


  • Alami is a service of SAUDI POST-SPL that is based on providing a virtual address for each customer in 11 different countries, where each country has its unique virtual address.
  • SAUDI POST-SPL’s general terms and condition are applied on Alami.
  • Each customer will have a unique account number as an identifier to use the service, and this account number can be found across all different SAUDI POST-SPL channels.
  • the service will be provided exclusively in United States of America, China, Japan,Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and Turkey.
  • IATA, Zakat, Tax, and Customs authority, TGA, and GACA regulations are applied to the service.
  • By using the service, the customer is considered agreed to this terms and conditions and its updates, and the customer has authorized SAUDI POST-SPL the right to import all of the customers packages that received in any of its warehouse around the world without violating any article of these terms and conditions.
  • For information on prohibited items Click Here.


  • SAUDI POST-SPL is authorized by the customer to import all of the customer’s items and packages that complies with these terms and conditions.
  • SAUDI POST-SPL is not to be held responsible for any delays caused by customs clearance or any other clearance needed by any other authorities with in or out the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • SAUDI POST-SPL is not to be held responsible for the custom fees or any other fees except its services’ fees, and the customer will be responsible for any extra fees.
  • SAUDI POST-SPL is authorized to use any of its partners to do the custom clearance, transportation or last mile delivery without the need to notify or to get the customer’s approval.
  • SAUDI POST-SPL is authorized to receive any package sent to any of its warehouses around the world even if the customer is unknown.
  • SAUDI POST-SPL has all the right to stop providing the service to any customer that violate the terms and conditions.
  • SAUDI POST-SPL is responsible to notify the customer for any changes in the service through any of SAUDI POST-SPL's channels (e.g. not to be exclusive: SMS, email).
  • SAUDI POST-SPL is not to be held responsible for any delays caused by Force Majeure; where the damage or loss has arisen due to circumstances outside the control of SAUDI POST-SPL including wars, weather conditions, pandemics etc., that could affect the transportations.
  • SAUDI POST-SPL will be responsible to store all packages in all warehouses for a maximum period of 30 Georgian days, after that, packages will be destroyed without the need to notify the customer. No ticket will be accepted after 30 Georgian days of receiving the packages in the warehouse.
  • SAUDI POST-SPL will be responsible to store all the packages that arrived to main warehouse in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia up for a maximum period of 30 Georgian days, after that, packages will be destroyed without the need to notify the customer, and no ticket will be accepted after the 30 Georgian days end.
  • 11Regarding articles 2.9 and 2.10 mentioned earlier, SAUDI POST-SPL will have the right to collect any fees from the customer regarding the stored packages even if it is destroyed. For example, and not to be exclusive, shipping fees, storage fees, destroying fees, and VAT.
  • Customers are responsible to update their addresses and contact information every time it changes.
  • Customers are responsible to log on to their control panel and update the preferences and the destinations.
  • Customers are responsible to declare the price, content and quantity of all their packages.
  • Customers are responsible to create the ship request and every other service within the control panel without holding SAUDI POST-SPL responsible for the customer choices.
  • Customers are responsible of uploading the accurate shipment invoice, inputting the price, selecting the currency, and confirming the shipment details. Once the shipping order is finalized, it cannot be altered or  cancelled. Similarly, any issued customs declaration cannot be modified in any manner after confirming the shipping order
  • Customers are agreeing to every part of this terms and conditions by using the service.
  • Customer confirmation of prices, content and quantities will be assumed once ship-request is created, Ship request will not be modified, and any ticket opened in this matter will be closed.
  • Customer must not accept the package before checking it from the outer side only for any damage or opening marks, it is not allowed to be opened before singing off the final delivery. once delivered, refund will not be accepted and no ticket will be accepted regarding the same shipment.

  • The customer must not ship any of the prohibited items.


    • All the services are provided for all countries mentioned in the general terms of the service.
    • All services prices may vary across all countries within the service.
    • Prices of each of the selected services will be included in the shipping invoice. services are not subject to VAT.
    • Some add-on services require to be pre-paid, generating its own invoice (e.g. taking high-resolution pictures).
    • The services provided, and not to be exclusive, are:
      1. Fragile stickers
      2. Extra packing
      3. Gift card with a text
      4. Insurance
      5. Taking standard picture
      6. Taking high-resolution picture


      • The customer must create a ship-request before expecting the package to be delivered. No package will be shipped without a ship-request.
      • The customer can ship the packages one by one or select multiple packages at once within each country, and the storage time is as mentioned earlier in article 2.9.
      • The customer cannot request to ship all of the packages that came to different warehouse around the world in one ship-request, for example, can not create ship request for package in the US warehouse and China warehouse. Each warehouse has its own ship-requests
      • Actual weight and dimensional weight are applicable and the invoice will be based on the higher weight
      • Dimensional weight will be counted only when: Height +width + length = “or more than” 60 inches or 152.4 CM
      • Dimensional equation will be (height x width x length) / 6000= dimensional weight in KG. “all numbers must be in CM”
      • The pricing will be for each half of kilo or any part of it, for example, the price of 0.750 KG = the price of 1.0 KG.
      • VAT of purchased items will be added when: shipping cost + extra services + VAT = 1000 SAR or less
      • There is no VAT on shipping prices.
      • Different countries have different time of delivery.
      • The customer has the choice to ship the packages to:
        • Any SAUDI POST-SPL branch the customer chooses.
        • Any Parcel stations the customer chooses.
        • National address- home delivery to the address registered in the customer profile with SAUDI POST-SPL.

Time promise to provide services

      • Items are logged on after 24 working hours from receiving it, the customer opens a ticket after 72 working hours. from the delivery to warehouse. Any ticket before 72 working hours are passed will be closed.
      • After any service chosen, for example, a ship-request, return to sender, taking pictures, every service needs up to 48 working hours. to be ready, any ticket before the 48 working hours will be closed.
      • packages will be shipped after paying the shipping invoice only, for singular shipments the invoice will be issued directly, for consolidated shipments it will take up to 48 working ours maximum to issue the shipping invoice and get the shipments ready to ship.
      • the expected delivery time starts from paying the shipping invoice only.
      • Expected delivery time from each country:
          • United states of America: 7-14 business days
          • Singapore: 7-16 business days
          • United Kingdom: 7-14 business days
          • China: 20 business days
          • Japan: 20 business days
          • Thailand: 7-16 business days
          • Taiwan: 7-16 business days
          • Malaysia: 7-16 business days
          • Indonesia: 7-16 business days
          • Australia: 7-16 business days
          • Turkey: 7-10 business days
      • Requests or complaints will be handled within 10 business days.

Insurance and Compensation

      • Compensation is for:
    •         Partial damage, and compensation is for the price of the partial damage only.

              Total damage and compensation for the price of the entire shipment.

              Loss of shipment and compensation for the price of the entire shipment.

      • Prohibited shipments and violating the regulations shipments are not fully compensated in any case, except in the event of the issuance of the shipping invoice, The amount of the invoice will be refunded if the customer have already paid only without the value of the shipment.
      • In order to get full Compensation, the customer will need to buy Insurance to every Ship-request created.
      • Insurance price will be 2% of the total shipment price, for example 20 SAR for 1000 SAR package’s value or a minimum of 10 SAR if the 2% of the package value is less than 10 SAR.
      • Insurance compensation will include all items’ prices +” extra services + shipping cost “if paid.
      • The Compensation amount will be based on lowest price between the entered value for items at the time of confirming the declaration and the actual price of the merchant invoice
      • Insurance will cover all cost up to a maximum amount of 100,000 SAR.
      • In case of no insurance, the customer will be refunded either 10% of the package value with maximum value of 375 SAR, whichever is less, +” extra services + shipping cost “if paid.
      • All claims for both insured and uninsured packages must be filed after 15 business days from the issue date of shipping invoice and not later than 45 Georgian days. No claims will be accepted after 45 Georgian days.


      • All prices are eligible to be reviewed and changed by SAUDI POST-SPL at any time an without the need to get the customer approval.
      • For shipping rates and services’ prices please Click here.