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SMEs Platform

Target Clients

Individuals , Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Service Benefits

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Discounted prices on shipments
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Store your frequently used addressees and easily ship to them again
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You can get the national address of the receiver and send a package to them by using their mobile number (OTP will be sent to the receiver to confirm their consent)
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View your shipments history and track packages

Service Requirements

Create SPL account
Pay the fees for the service
Buy 20 or more packages (shipments)

Execution Steps

Log into your SPL online account or create a new account if you don’t have one
Click on SMEs platform icon
Click on buy new package
Choose the number and weight of packages you want to buy
Pay for your packages through the online portal
The packages will be available in your account, you can use them any time through the prepare shipment option in the SMEs platform

Service Price

5 Kilo

35 SR

10 Kilo

50 SR

20 Kilo

55 SR

30 Kilo

70 SR

Channels Presenting The Service


SPL Online



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