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Rules for handling non-deliverable materials

Rules and procedures in handling undeliverable items

If incoming items to the office are undeliverable within the specified delivery period, it will be shipped back to the source (reason of return will be included), It will also be recorded in the return log and the return reason will be specified as “Storage period ended”

In case of items returned to the receiving office due to failed delivery attempt, SPL will notify the sender, and the item/s is logged. Then the items will be shipped (after the specified period) to the operations and quality control center to be stored in the returns zone.


Consequences of violating the policy by the service provider


  • SPL is not responsible for any damage or destruction to the shipment due to inappropriate packaging according to SPL policy and regulations.
  • SPL is not responsible for the delivery delay of the shipment or its destruction due to incorrect information about the shipment content in the service contract, the sender is responsible for all the damages in case he/she didn’t provide enough documents or provided incorrect information.
  • SPL is responsible for collecting the amount of money agreed upon by both parties (SPL and sender) under the service contract from the recipient to the sender account upon the delivery time. If the shipment is delivered without collecting the required amount, SPL will be responsible for paying the sender and still demand the recipient to pay the required amount.
  • SPL is fully responsible for the content of parcel/s shipped by SPL, and also responsible for any consequences according to the compensation policy, Link ().
  • For safety reasons, SPL prohibits shipping the following hazardous items: (firearms, ammo, swords and knives, explosives, incendiary, flammable and toxic materials, compressed gases) and any restricted items by other parties.
  • SPL is not responsible for the parcel when received by the customer and after it departs the office.
  • Delays in shipping may occur beyond our control due to International flights issues related to COVID 19 precautions
  • It is within the right of the customer to inquire about the shipment within 3 months since the date of depositing the item.
  • The service is subject to the terms and rules according to the compensation policy which adheres to the UPU agreement. The compensation doesn’t include indirect affect or extraordinary circumstances