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​​​The Electronic platform Makani is the latest e-government service and e-commerce application that is provided by Saudi Post Corporation. It was launched during the late third quarter of 2014 through investing the infrastructure of Saudi Post to activate the service of booking and buying the tickets of a number of sports, cultural, social, and entertainment events and occasions, which is provided for both nationals and residents.

​​As per the weight and the region or the country to which the mailing is sent, go to the Price Calculator.​​

Prohibited Substances

Explosives Explosives
​Fireworks, firecrackers, ammunition, gunpowder, lighting missiles, missile warning​

Compressed gases 
​Compressed gases, gas cylinders, cylinder mobilization, lighters (lighter) butane, bottles diving, camping gas, butane gas, sprinklers.​​​

Flammable & radio active
​​​Flammable and radioactive materials, matches, coal, firewood, all types of radioactive materials banned internationally.​​​

Oxidizing materials 
​Oxidizing chemicals, peroxides, powders for bleaching.​

Different dangerous materials
​​Magnetic goods, engines, solid carbon dioxide, lithium batteries.​​​

Liquid incendiary material 
​Liquid incendiary material, Almellh batteries, mercury, hydrochloric acid​​

Other Substances
​Children's milk, monuments and artifacts, historical, human medicine manufacturers and national non-registered or re-exported (subsidized goods)​​​

Flammable liquids 
​Lighters burning gasoline, fuel lighters, oil paint, glue, perfume flammable​​​​

Toxic & infectious materials 
​Pesticides, agricultural chemicals, mercury compounds, bacteria, viruses .

​​From 5 to 8 working days, other than the mailing deposit day.​



​​​​​​​​It is the registered mailings that include invoices, greeting cards, documents, booklets and magazines. It is a service provided by all post offices for material fees, which enables the customer to obtain a free receipt upon deposit and is characterized by having a barcode with the R initial that allows the item to be traced or inquired about.​

Write the addresses of the sender and addressee in clear handwriting.
The item should have a maximum weight of 2 Kilos.
The banned items that cannot be sent​​.

​​As per the weight and the region or the country to which the mailing is sent, go to the Price Calculator.​​

Delivery Period inside the Kingdom
​​From 4 to 8 working days, other than the mailing deposit day.​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Postal Parcels are a service provided by Saudi Post offices, which allows its customers, of both individuals and business sector, to send and trace their items such as gifts and electronic equipment and devices to all Saudi Arabia regions and world countries.

​Saudi Post can deliver parcels to any point inside the kingdom and to all countries at competitive prices. To get the price, please use the postal calculator

Get Ready for Sending
Parcels are well packaged.
Fill the sending parcel form.
Write the addresses of the sender and the addressee correctly and in clear handwriting.
Pay service charges.
If the parcel contains food, the expiry date should be written.
The permissible maximum weight of the domestic parcels is 50 kg and of the international parcels is 30 kg.
Parcel dimensions, in total, shall not exceed 3 meters.
Make sure of writing the telephone or mobile number of the sender and the addressee.
The items that cannot be shipped.​​​

Delivery Period inside the Kingdom
​​From 4 to 8 working days, other than the mailing deposit day.​

Track and Trace Your Parcel
​​Saudi Post provides the Track and Trace service that allows following up stages of sending the parcel till its delivery to the beneficiary, by registering the parcel's number in the Track and Trace service and inquiring about the last updates on its (Track and Trace) status.​​


This service is for establishments and government organizations. Saudi Post carries all mail items to and from all corners of Saudi Arabia. ​

Conditions of Official Postal Items

​​The item should bear the name and logo of the authority.
The item's seal should be stamped by the authority's stamp.
The parcel's neck card should be stamped by the authority's stamp and the parcel should be packed and sealed correctly and safely.
The addressee's address should be clear and full.
The outgoing items are to a non-Arab country, thus the addressee's address should be written in English.
The packaging should be suitable for the content of the item.
The postal items should not contain guns.
The weight of the parcel should not exceed 30 kg and letters and publications 2 kg.
Serial publications should be packed with transparent plastic covers that allow seeing the content.
Using the standard forms for each type of the official mail (letters, parcels, and publications).​

Gov. Correspondence System
​​It is a system that allows the government authority to follow up its mail with all its types, whether incoming or outgoing, and helps it make use of other services.
Features of the Government Correspondence System
Track and trace:​​ it is the most significant feature that is made use of by the authority. It informs it about the status of its mail from the moment it is handed over to the Official Mail till it is received by the beneficiary. It also makes the government authority dispense with the inquiries via e-correspondences.
Following up on the agent: it is a service helps you to follow up the agent's performance. When he is late, when he does not come, or when he receives or delivers the authority's mail; SMS messages are sent to it to be notified.
Notification Service: it is a service keeps the authority informed of the updates of its incoming mail and the time it is ready to be received by it.
Special Notification Service: when ordering this service, the government authority can determine a specific kind of its mail to be traced in every stage and can be notified with what is being done until it is delivered to the beneficiary.​​​

Goto to Gov. Correspondence System by click (Here)

P.O. in Government Authorities
​​An official mail post office is opened on the premises of the government authorities after signing a contract between the Saudi Post and the government authority according to requirements and obligations between the two parties. Those offices receive and deliver the postal items of the authority and process them on its premises, which helps raise the postal service.​

In December 1993, Arabian Hala Company observed an opportunity to enter the “door-to-door” pickup and delivery service industry. After an intensive market survey and research, it developed and incorporated a company, encompassing 20 major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the name of HALA Express. The operations of HALA Express registered in June 1994 included a fleet of more than 150 trucks and vans. HALA Express used its financial strength and capacities to quickly build up the network and became one of the leading express Transport and Logistics Company in the Kingdom with over 700 vehicles and a network of 4900 cities, towns and villages.

In 2005, Saudi Post (public post corporation that was previously owned by the government of Saudi Arabia), took an initiative to expand into the Full Truck Load, Parcel and Less than Truck Load segments and approached Arabian Hala Company, to establish an alliance. A joint-venture between Saudi Post and Arabian Hala Company was formed on 1st August 2005 and the formation of “NAQEL” happened. The Company was established with two shareholders, Saudi Post holding 51% equity and Arabian Hala 49% equity, under a special decree passed by the Council of Ministers.

NAQEL focuses its services on providing Logistics Supply Chain Solutions, to its customers with utmost satisfaction in quality and efficiency. The management of the Company consists of a fully qualified, competent team of both Saudis and Expatriates who provide customers with services in a way that brings them satisfaction and who have vast experiences in the logistics and transportation field.​​​​​

A service offered by Saudi Post. It consists of an electronic machine with built-in boxes of different sizes. Postal parcels and materials are deposited inside these boxes, hence allowing clients to pick theirs electronically anytime 24 hours / 7 days.​

How to avail of this service

To avail of this service, you need to determine a Parcels Station as address for delivering your mail – through the following channels:

1- Postal Service Centers, once the sender of a postal material determines a Parcels Station as address for delivering the material or parcel to the consignee.

2- Mypostonline service on Saudi Post Portal, where the client can redirect an incoming parcel to a Parcels Station as address to receive his Postal Parcel or Material.

3- The unified phone number 920005700, where the client can redirect an incoming parcel to a Parcels Station as address to receive his Postal Parcel or Material.


parcels pick up from stations
​1- Once the postal material is deposited into the Parcel Station Machine, an SMS is sent to the concerned client’s mobile with the following data:

- Parcel Number
- PIN Number
- Last date for parcel pick up
- Station Address and Shared Location

2- After receiving the SMS, the client can visit the specified station to pick up his parcel from the machine by entering the relevant Parcel Number and PIN Number. Once this process is done, the box where the client’s parcel is deposited will open.

Requirements needed for this service
1- The Client needs to have a mobile number

2- The Postal Material or Parcel that can be deposited in the station should be within the following norms and specifications:

- Length: 40 cm
- Width: 33 cm
- Height: 38 cm
- Weight should not exceed 30 Kg

​​​​​​​​​​Hajj Meat (Adahi) is a service enabling pilgrims and Umrah performers to pay the value of Hajj meat and alms giving under the agreement concluded by and between Saudi Post and Islamic Development Bank that collects the Adahi value, pay the same on behalf of those of common Muslims who desire to do so, and distribute the meat to the beneficiaries.​​​​​​​

Terms and Conditions

​​Hajj Meat (Adahi) service provided by Saudi Post is an agent for the Pilgrims, Umrah performers and Muslims. The purchasers through post offices and the Saudi Post website appoint, authorize and delegate the Saudi Post Corporation under notification of the Islamic Development Bank and Adahi Project severally and jointly to purchase the required sacrifice, slaughtering the same and distributing its meats to the eligible beneficiaries.

  • The Saudi Post Corporation meets the customer needs with the sacrifice, then makes the immediate notification of authorizing the Islamic Development Bank and the committee for the Utilization of Hajj Meat through the electronic linkage and the deposition of its value at the bank account.
  • Islamic Sharia allowed for a Muslim to appoint, authorize and delegate whoever he deems a trustworthy authority to perform the sacrifice, whether it is an offering, ransom, almsgiving or Udhiyah, and the Agent shall make the required actions as per the Sharia. Based on the aforementioned, it was agreed by and between Saudi Post and Islamic Development Bank to provide this service through the outlets of Saudi Post.
  • Adahi and sacrifice service is provided by Saudi Post under authorization of Islamic Development Bank and the Committee of the Saudi Project for Utilization of Hajj Meat (Adahi), in which Sharia scholars are members, so that they act as an agent for the pilgrims in purchasing, slaughtering, transporting and distributing of the Adahi and sacrifice as per the Sharia provisions.
  • The price of Udhiyah is calculated by the Islamic Development Bank, which includes the price of the scarified animal, veterinary services, slaughtering, freezing, transportation and distribution.
  • As for the fees collected by credit cards, a percentage will be imposed on each purchase transaction made using the credit card and the prices of these animals will increase due to the percentage imposed on the credit card, and such percentage will be incurred by the card holder. Such fees are directed to the project and do not constitute any part of the sheep price, but they are directed to the issuers of these cards.
  • Islamic Development Bank distribute the Hajj Meat in collaboration with the appropriate government agencies. Having met the needs of the poor in the Holy Mosque, the residual meat is sent to the poor Muslims. The liability of Saudi Post is limited to the notification of Islamic Development Bank of the customer authorization and the identification of the required sacrific.


How to get the service
​​The marketing and sale of deeds of offering, ransom, alms giving and Udhiyyah are available through the Post Offices throughout the Kingdom and the Holy Mosques.

It is the name of any slaughtered camel, cow and sheep. It is Stressed Supererogation as per the Islamic Sharia to be performed by the pilgrims and other in specific days; namely, al-Adha day and the three following days whether they are in Makkah or another location for the resident and the traveler.

Offering (Hadi):
It is a gift to Allah Almighty in Makkah to be devout to Allah. The offering shall be submitted in specific days i.e. the Day of Sacrifice and the days thereafter, and may be on any day of the year in the Umrah, because the offering is desirable in Umrah. It is also desirable or duty in the Hajj Al Tamatu' or Hajj Al-Qiran, and it also includes required sacrifices in Ihram.

Ransom (Fidyah):
Pilgrims or Umrah Performers shall submit a sacrifice in Makkah at any time in the year, if they failed to perform any of the requirements of the pilgrimage or Umrah or committed any of the prohibitions of Ihram.

Almsgiving (Sadaqah):
It is a volunteering sacrifice to be performed by the Pilgrims or other as per their discretion without any relation to the Hajj rituals. ​


Money Transfer


Ersal Money Transfer is the first leading remittance’s company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is licensed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) to provide money transfer services to any country in the world. Ersal is connected through a huge network of correspondent banks in which they offer remittance services. Ersal also offers money transfer through the globally recognized Western Union (WU). Our services are offered within a huge network of branches in the Kingdom through Saudi Post (SP) branches and other standalone branches. We base our business on top of great financial and management expertise, and the expanding partnership between Saudi Post and Alinma Bank.


Transfer Your Money Today

Sri Lanka


Libara- This service is provide in collaboration with Jawraa Consortium and Lebara Saudi (one of the new three companies that penetrated the Saudi market recently)​​

Service Overview

The services provided through our Offices in the first phase are (two services out of five services) that will be provided through Our Offices in the next phases.​

Portal types

  • The services provided currently are (SIM Card Activation – Replacement Issuance) in addition to the sale of the original SIM card of the service.
  • The remaining services that will be provided in the next phases God willing are (Data Activation – Transfer from a Company to another – Data Updating)
  • Lebara SIM cars is valued at SAR 30 with a charge of SAR 25.
  • Recharge cards have categories: (SAR 5 – 10 – 20 – 50 – 100) that will be provided through Our Offices (In addition to E-recharge vouchers.
  • Types of Buckets (Basic Bucket / Additional Packages)​​​​