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Mail Room


Mailroom Service
Is a dedicated service to meet your business and government enterprises high demand and expectations, SPL provides you with all the needed tools and trained staff to operate a mail so you can receive, prepare and send mail and parcel efficiently on a daily basis.



We can provide different types of resources to manage and operate mailrooms depending on client needs and the optimal mailroom design required:

  • Mailroom Operations staff
  • Mailroom Supervisors
  • Dedicated Couriers


Service Features

*Mail sorting and distribution: Sort your mail by department or recipient and deliver it to the appropriate location.

*Package handling: Receive, scan, and distribute your incoming packages. also pick up and ship outgoing packages.

*Mail scanning and archiving: scan your incoming and outgoing mail and store it in a secure, electronic archive.

*Mailroom cleaning and maintenance: Keep your mailroom clean and well-maintained.

*Mailroom supplies: provide all of the necessary mailroom supplies, such as envelopes, stamps, and packaging materials


Service types

  • Shipments within a head office building (Department to Department)
  • Shipments between a head office and set branches within the same city (daily runs)
  • Shipments between one head office and another head office (or branches) in another city
  • Shipments between a head office and a domestic third party



  • Cost efficiency
  • Operational efficiency
  • Optimize workforce efficiency
  • Improved security
  • Improved compliance with local regulations