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E-P.O Box Terms and Conditons


  1. Saudi Post - SPL has the right to accept or terminate subscription to EPO Box at any time during the subscription period for any legitimate reason it deems appropriate.
  2. The value of the subscription to the EPO Box is annual, and is determined by the type of subscription (according to what is shown on the home page of the site).
  3. The subscription period for the EPO Box is one calendar year, starting from the date of paying the subscription fee.
  4. The customer (individuals - institutions - companies) will be notified fifteen days before the end of the subscription period via an SMS message sent to the customer’s mobile phone or via the client's e-mail, or in any appropriate way SPL deems appropriate, provided that the customer is given a period of thirty days to renew his subscription starting from the end date of the previous subscription.
  5. If the renewal fee is not paid during the period referred to in paragraph (4), Saudi Post has the right to close the EPO Box for a period of thirty days in preparation for the termination of the subscription. From the date of the next day at the end of the previous subscription period.
  6. The subscriptions of government entities are automatically renewed unless the government agency informs Saudi Post - SPL with a written letter requesting to cancel the subscription.
  7. Saudi Post – SPL is not responsible for any consequences that may result from the delay in paying the renewal fees on time and cancelling the subscription.
  8. Only individuals whose names have been added are entitled to use this EPO Box.
  9. The subscriber of the individual EPO Box or the add-ons are not entitled to use this EPO Box for commercial purposes.
  10. The subscriber, whether an institution, company, bank or a government authority, is not entitled to use the EPO Box for personal purposes.
  11. The institution participating in the EPO Box, in the event that its entity is transformed to a company instead - must immediately report this to Saudi Post – SPL. Otherwise, Saudi Post – SPL has the right to stop the subscription until the subscription fees are modified.
  12. The subscriber in the EPO Box is not entitled to assign it to any other person or entity under any circumstance, and the violator is subject to legal accountability because this is the responsibility of the Saudi Post - SPL.
  13. Registered and official parcels, express mail items and postal parcels addressed through the EPO Box shall not be delivered except to the subscriber in the individual box, added, or subscribed to the commercial or government fund, or his representative under a written authorization provided with a copy of it to Saudi Post - SPL.
  14. The subscriber bears full legal responsibility and the consequences thereof when he receives a postal item that does not belong to him and has not returned it, and Saudi Post has the right to refer to him for compensation when it is not returned or returned in the same condition received.
  15. These terms and conditions are considered effective from the date of the subscriber's declaration of his consent through the main website of Saudi Post – SPL


       General Terms:


    • The subscriber may terminate his subscription at any time during the subscription period without incurring the Saudi Post - SPL to return part of the subscription amount.
    • Saudi Post shall not bear the responsibility of delivering any item to someone other than its owner as a result of an error in the postal box number or postal code shown on the item.
    • All items are deposited in EPO Box in good condition. Accordingly, Saudi Post - SPL does not accept any complaint regarding any defect, deficiency, or tampering with the item unless it is immediately received from the branch.
    • In the event that there are items that do not belong to the customer, he is required to return them in their condition to the branch after writing on them the following phrase (not related to the EPO Box No. xxxx)
    • In the event of dissolution, liquidation, bankruptcy, death or violation of any subscriber, Saudi Post has the right to cancel or seize all items addressed by the fund and dispose of them according to the orders of the judicial authorities or documents approved by the competent authorities.
    • Saudi Post has the right to amend the prices and terms and conditions of the subscription for EPO Box at any time without referring to the subscribers, provided that the subscriber is informed of the new prices towards the end of the subscription upon renewal.
    • Saudi Post has the right to change the location and numbers of EPO Box whenever the need arises, or the office has been moved or the mail office is closed, provided that the customer is notified when his box number has changed.
    • It is prohibited to use EPO Box for illegal or fraudulent purposes and to be held accountable in violation of this condition