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Compensation policy

Compensation policy
(Lost or damaged)

An introduction:

The policy of compensation for shipments aims to clarify and define the scope of the mechanism of compensation for the customers (senders) of the Saudi Post l SPL for damaged or lost shipments. It is divided into two types of compensation, the first is shipments that have been insured by the customer according to the cargo insurance service, and the second is shipments that have not been insured. By the customer (the sender), (according to what was stipulated in Article 10 of the Saudi Post l SPL System issued by Royal Decree No. M / 4 on 02/21/1406 A.H. on the responsibility of the mail attendant for the loss or damage of the registered or official mail items delivered to him. Or normal or insured parcels, and the sender is entitled in the event of loss or damage to compensation in accordance with what is decided by postal agreements or cabinet decisions.)

First: Shipments subject to insurance by customers.

If the shipment was insured by the customer and suffered loss or damage in one of the stages of work in Saudi Post l SPL, then the customer will be compensated according to the following requirements:
1. The claim mechanism in the third
2. The compensation mechanism according to the insurance policy mechanism Click here
3. Shipping invoice.
4. Air waybill (whichever is available).
5. The compensation value is at the latest: (the declared value of the shipment + shipping fees).

Second: Uninsured shipments.

If the shipment has not been insured by the customer and suffered loss or damage in one of the stages of work of Saudi Post l SPL, the customer will be compensated according to the service as follows:

  • Express:
    A - Seventy-five riyals (75) for each registered or official shipment.
    B - Seventy-five riyals (75) - in addition to the fees collected - for each shipment transported by express mail.

    • Parcel:
    A - Seventy-five riyals (75), for each parcel weighing no more than five kilograms.
    B - One hundred and ten riyals (110), for each package weighing between five and ten kilograms.
    A - One hundred and fifty riyals (150), for each parcel weighing between ten and fifteen kilograms of grams.
    D - One hundred and eighty riyals (180), for each parcel weighing more than fifteen kilograms.

  • Official documents:
    Shipping fees are compensated and a letter is prepared for the concerned party.
  • Inbound International Shipments:
    The amount of compensation for internationally received postal shipments shall be in accordance with what is decided in the postal agreements.

Third: Claims Mechanism:

  1. Clients submit claims to the l SPL within 90-days of the insurance coverage's entry into force and the submission is online via the website Click here
  2. Claims may not be submitted before:
    A. 15 days from the effective date of the coverage purchased by customers for loss claims.
    B. And after 7 days from the effective date of entry into force of coverage purchased by customers for damages claims.
  3. All damaged property that has been requested for payment (not costs of repair) or replacement must be submitted to the insurance company, and if the damaged shipment is kept by the consignor, the claim will be rejected.
  4. Covered loss will be paid to the customer or assignee (the beneficiary) within 15-business days of the insurance company receiving all required claim documents and damaged goods.
  5. Upon payment or replacement for loss or damage, all customer rights for recovery from the transport companies (other than l SPL) will be transferred to the insurance company, and customers will assist the insurance company in all reasonable ways to secure the refund.
  6. This insurance is considered voidable if the client intentionally conceals or deliberately or misrepresents any material fact or material circumstance related to this insurance.

Fourth: Cases in which compensation is not made permanently.

  1. Any postal item issued or received to the Kingdom contains any material stipulated in Article 1 of the Postal Prohibitions List and procedures for dealing with it in case of suspicion. Or any other article in the same list.
  2. Failure to complete the data and compensation requirements by the client within 14 days via the e-mail sent to the customer
  3. Sender error or negligence.
  4. Self-damage of the shipment due to the nature of its contents.
  5. Force Majeure that leads to damage to the shipment or damage to official documents that help inferring the fate of the shipment.
  6. The expiry of the period of preservation of the shipment stipulated in the list of preservation of postal documents and postal inquiries, and the destruction, sale or confiscation of postal items whose storage period has expired.
  7. The mail attachment is not responsible for any loss, damage, delay, or error in processing any mail material issued by the ordinary non-registered route.

The responsibility of the post office for confiscation cases that takes place according to the internal regulations of the country of the supplier or exporter is excluded.