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Manage your business addresses and official documents shipments efficiently with Tejari!


What is TEJARI?

Tejari is a standardized address for all businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tejari provides to all businesses and commercial entities who are looking to facilitate their day-to-day activities a seamless experience. The service also offers business people a one-stop shop to manage e-government transactions and boost their e-commerce. Not to mention, the subscription fee is instantly added to the customer account in SPL Online, which they can then use to benefit from a world of unique services.


Our customers :

  • Joint-stock and limited companies
  • Institutions


Special features :

  • Standardized address and high-level postal service for businesses
  • Yearly subscription fee added to the customer account in SPL Online
  • Global network delivering to every corner of the world at competitive prices
  • Easy tracking of shipments and delivery times through app or website



Using SPL Online, you can?

  • Prepare your shipments and use your credit balance to pay for Postal services
  • Pay your outstanding bills for postal services
  • Charge your credit balance
  • Request scheduled pickups for your shipments


Our offer to you :

30% extra credit from SP; added to the subscription fee in your customer account.


Annual subscription fees :



Subscription fee

Amount given by Saudi Post

Amount deposited in wallet

Main registry companies

SR1000 annually

SR 300

SR 1300

Subsidiary registry companies

SR300  annually

SR 90

SR 390

Main registry institutions

SR500  annually

SR 150

SR 650

Subsidiary registry institutions

SR100  annually

SR 30

SR 130


Terms and conditions :

  • prices shown are subject to periodic review, in accordance with the regulatory updates
  • The credit in customer account can only be used during subscription period
  • New institutions and companies are exempt from subscription fees for the first year, and the subscription fee will not be added to the customer account
  • Add the subscription fee into customers account upon subscription renewal only


How to get the service?