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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

In line with Saudi Post | SPL efforts to improve the quality of services and to achieve customer satisfaction The Service Level Agreement defines the duration of the obligation between the service provider and the client, Including service details and standards to be adhered to information, as it does not include the period of completion of the information requested in the event that it is incomplete, or the time taken to process transactions by a third party such as other government entities in the event that the nature of the transactions so requires. Customers must also comply with the terms and conditions of each service as described in the e-services manual. For more information about the services , click here

Help and support

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Saudi Post | SPL places privacy and confidentiality of user information at the top of priorities; and part of the terms and conditions for using SPL's website. For more, please visit the privacy policy page

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Service Execution time Availability Automation rate Service completion rate
Track and Trace Instant 24/7 100% 100%
Prepare shipment Instant 24/7 100% 100%
Awfar Instant 24/7 100% 100%
e-passport delivery 3-5 Days 24/7 100% 100%
Link Shipment Instant 24/7 100% 100%
Change shipment destination Instant 24/7 100% 100%
SMEs platform (Office delivery) Instant 24/7 100% 100%
SMEs platform (Pickup from address) 2-3 Days 24/7 100% 100%
Post business 2-4 Days 24/7 100% 100%
P.O. Box Instant 24/7 100% 100%
E-P.O. Box Instant 24/7 100% 100%
Forward P.O. Box content Instant 24/7 100% 100%
Address directory Instant 24/7 100% 100%
Customer balance Instant 24/7 100% 100%
Request National Address identification Instant 24/7 100% 100%
Add dependents and manage your addresses Instant 24/7 100% 100%
National Address Proof Verification Instant 24/7 100% 100%
National Address Plate Installment Service 12 working days for orders within Riyadh
22 working days for orders outside Riyadh
24/7 100% 100%
*Alami   The delivery time is counted starting from the payment of the shipping invoice, not before.
The expected delivery time from the following countries:
United States of America: 7-14 working days
Singapore: 7-16 working days
United Kingdom: 7-14 working days
China: 20 working days
Japan: 20 working days
Thailand: 7-16 working days
Taiwan: 7-16 working days
Malaysia: 7-16 working days
Indonesia: 7-16 working days
Australia: 7-16 working days
Turkey: 7-10 working days
24/7 100% 100%

*After selecting any service provided, such as shipping request, return to merchant, and photo capture, the estimated time for each service is 48 working hours to complete. Any ticket (report) opened will also be closed before 48 working hours have passed.
*All holidays in each country must be considered.