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Prison Service

With the General Directorate of Prisons


Saudi Post SPL in corporation with the General Directorate of Prisons, provides the service of delivering shipments to prisoners by their relatives, through our branches located in the all regions of the Kingdom

Service Features:

  1. SPL’s branches are available around the Kingdom
  2. The ability to track the parcel through the SPL’s website or application until the parcel gets delivered to the prisoner.
  3. The speed of delivering the shipment to its final destination.
  4. Saving time and effort by giving Saudi Post SPL the responsibility of delivering the parcels and letters to the prison.


Obtaining Prison service by the following steps:

  1. View the allowed materials before sending it (Link)
  2. Ensure the prisoner is at the same address your shipping to
  3. View the terms and conditions (Link)
  4. Drop off the shipment to your nearest Saudi Post SPL branch
  5. Fee payment for delivering the shipment along with signing the disclaimer and specifying the contents.
  6. Tracking the shipments through SPL’s website or Application