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National Address API

Application Programming Interface (API) services provide a mechanism for sharing and exchanging data and information between systems and databases, which contributed to the rapid spread of the API use due to the development and effectiveness of the API in the exchange and use of information.
The National Address API provides the tools you need to contribute to raising the efficiency of internal systems by making use of the geographical database.



With the development and expansion of the geographical database for numbering and coding in the Kingdom, and the resulting huge amount of different data, it became necessary to make available national address databases and share this information for commercial and governmental uses. Currently, the API provides an opportunity for entities to implement the following operations:

  • Verify a national address
  • Obtaining the national address through several inputs, such as: the short address, the geographical location
  • Searching for commercial services
  • Get the latest lists of cities, villages, desert and districts

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National Address offers multiple services as below

  • Address API

Address API offers multiple services to get the right address by using multiple search inputs such as phone number, geocode, free text, short address and much more.

  • Maps API

Maps API offers national address map engine for accurate address identification and navigation.

  • Lookups API

Lookups API offers updated list of KSA regions, cities and districts
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Enabling developers to link their applications with geographic and spatial information in the Kingdom, such as a list of cities and neighborhoods, verifying the validity of addresses entered by users of their applications, and others. Developers can register online and for free to start using the API
It also allows the use of national address databases in building applications regardless of the different operating systems, in addition to the possibility of using them to build software applications for smart devices or computers.

Business sector

Due to the continuous development and growth of e-commerce in the Kingdom, it has become imperative to have a reliable source of digital addresses in order to provide a better user experience. The national address databases facilitate the expansion of e-commerce exchanges, through accurate addressing data for individuals and government and private sectors. The databases also enable studies, research and statistics to be conducted and compared, relying on stored information, to open new service projects, develop existing projects, or contribute to increasing the profitability of service projects, such as fast food delivery services, or serving the banking and financial business sector.

Government sector

E-government services are required for their success to an accurate and complete national address, so the API helps complete the e-government strategic plan. Today, government agencies can use databases to determine the spatial location to provide services or to verify the correctness of address-related data and geographical information provided by individuals and different sectors.
The national address databases can be used in drawing future plans, analyzing geographical information and data for urban planning, building economic cities, in addition to accessing the latest geographical databases of digital maps or spatial information.