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Terms of Service for Delivery of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sservice.


Terms of Service:

  1. The customer must print a document ratification request form from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
  2. Saudi Post | SPL will make the final delivery through the SPL branch to the document owner.
  3. Saudi Post | SPL will adhere to the authentication code feature to deliver the document to the recipient.
  4. The customer will be responsible for the accuracy of the information in the documents, Ministry of Foreign Affairs requirements, and entered data.
  5. Saudi Post will be responsible for protecting the documents from any damage or loss and ensuring they are sealed upon delivery to the customer.
  6. In the event that the documents are undeliverable because the customer is unreachable for 15 days after the shipment’s arrival at the branch, SPL will follow the procedure for undeliverable documents.
  7. Saudi Post | SPL document retention period is no more than 15 working days, during which SPL will make three attempts to communicate with the customer.
  8. Saudi Post | SPL, if proven responsible for any loss or damage, will bear the cost of fines in accordance with the Compensation for Loss or Damage to Postal Items Regulation, issued in accordance with Council of Ministers Resolution No. (80) on 1407/5/5, and deliver the reprinted document to the customer or beneficiary at no additional cost to the customer.
  9. Saudi Post | SPL will take appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of the documents, provided that its responsibility in case of loss or damage does not exceed in any case and for any reason the statutory compensation stipulated in the postal system and its executive regulations.
  10. Saudi Post | SPL abides by the postal system, its executive regulations, and the directives of the Communications and Information Technology Commission.
  11. SPL is responsible for the protection of the confidentiality of the beneficiaries’ information and will not disclose it except by court order or at the request of the Communications and Information Technology Commission.
  12. SPL is obligated to provide the beneficiary with a physical invoice containing the order details, the amount paid, customer information, and a tracking number for tracking the shipment.