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Parcel Station

Receiving your shipment through parcel stations :

SPL provides advanced tracking solution to ensure speedy delivery for your package to selected parcel station.Parcel stations can reached 24/7 where you can receive your shipments at the nearest parcel station to you.


How to collect your shipment from the parcel station ?

  1. Select nearest parcel station to you
  2. Receiving an sms including a location and a PIN
  3. Entering the pin in the screen at parcel station
  4. Picking up your shipment from the parcel station


Linking your shipment or redirect to parcel stations :

Once the shipment is handed over to SPL, you can track the shipment. In addition, you can use the SPL app and SPL online to request linking the shipment tracking number to your preferred parcel station. This will automatically complete your address in case it was missing any details. It also allows you to alter the shipment destination, if required. 


Prices list :

 Delivery Options  Express Economy Mail
 Deliver to your Door Step

   30 SAR  30 SAR
 Leave at Parcel Station

  15 SAR 15 SAR

To search for Parcel stations location Click here