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Sponsored by the ‘Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’, the Saudi Post Corporation issued the unified national postal addressing system, and it has been approved by the council of ministers, Resolution Number (252) by 3rd of June 2013, to represent an addressing system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; aiming to keep up with the strategic development of the e-government, and completing the infrstructure for e-government transactions. The addressing system covers the entire Kingdom’s cities, provinces, centers and villages, by using the latest technology in the domain of Geographic Information System (GIS), where retrieving locations for residential and commercial buildings is possible; in order to reach all citizens, residents and businesses within the country. This project aims to transform from the old fashioned descriptive addresses to digital ones. In order to facilitate retrieving locations through a unified standard addresses covering all areas and cities. The National Address project is considered as one of the most important strategic initiatives executed for the first time in the Gulf and Arab world. The National Address was accredited by several international organizations, as the National Address system reflects the government's direction towards using latest technologies in the ICT domain.

The national address is a mandatory condition for all citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to the Ministers decision No. 252, dated June 3, 2013. Individuals can register theirs for free and benefit from it in their electronic, commercial, and governmental transactions.




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